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From the National Office

Welcome to our 2023-2024 basketball season!  We are excited to share our 40th year of serving our community through basketball with you.


5/31 Championship Games

Girls D2-5/31@6:00 AIM: Storm@Sol

Boys D2 Silver-5/31@7:00 AIM: Clippers@Grizzlies

Boys D2 Gold-5/31@7:00 AIM: Mpls. Lakers@LA Lakers


D3 Gold Champions-Sparks

D3 Silver Champions-Dream

D2 Gold Champions-Storm

Girl's Rookie Champions-Warriors

D3 Gold Champions-Warriors

D3 Bronze Bronze Champions-Heat

Rookie Gold Champions-Clippers

Rookie Silver Champions-Hornets

Rookie Bronze Champions-Celtics

D2 Gold Champions-Thunder

D2 Silver Champions-Grizzlies

Boy's D2 Copper Champs-Mpls. Lakers

D1 Gold Champions-Grizzlies

Boys D1 Silver Champions-Pelicans

NJB Divisions/Philosophy

Los Alamitos-Seal Beach NJB has been helping develop young athletes since 1984. We are a proud part of the fabric of our great Community. We have players from all over the area competing with their buddies on Sundays in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

Graduates of Los Al NJB  are playing at virtually every high school in the area. Several of our athletes are also competing in college. However, this is a league that is designed for all levels of players. We brand ourself as a competitive league, with great facilities that provides an opportunity to play basketball for all levels of athletes. 


Kindergarten (Co-Ed)

1st-2nd Grade (Co-Ed)=Rookie Division

3rd-4th Grade=Division 3

5th-6th Grade=Division 2

7th-8th Grade=Division 1